About Kaiut Yoga

The Kaiut Method is a biomechanical yoga practice that serves the modern body and modern mind.

Chamber Chat with Jack Llewellyn, Phyllis Ceglia and J-M Storton

Listen to Phyllis and J-M talk with Jack about Kaiut Yoga, answering FAQs, our modern association surrounding the term yoga, and how the Kaiut Yoga Method is different, Recorded at Four Corners Broadcasting on 11-11-19

How to make stress your friend

Francisco Kaiut

Brazilian chiropractor and Yoga Master / Founder of the Kaiut Method

'In the West, yoga has been so physically challenging and so physically intense that the mind has been absolutely neglected. Most of this practice is designed to nurture the state of growth and repair in the nervous system, and that would immediately impact the way you perceive stress.'

Francisco Kaiut

The Kaiut Method is concerned with returning the body to optimal structure and functionality by working from the joints rather than stretching muscles in extraordinary ways. Kaiut Yoga is designed to work through chronic pain and injuries, general aches and stiffness. It helps those who sit all day, as well as those who do consistent movements such as cycling or running. It keeps us healthy, mobile and pain free for as long as possible. Finally, this is yoga for virtually every body!

Francisco Kaiut’s method is deeply influenced by his professional practice as a chiropractor and his education in craniosacral and polarity therapies, deep tissue massage, and hatha yoga.

Kaiut Yoga benefits the brain by creating new connections between the body and the mind.

Kaiut Yoga Durango with J-M Storton

Certified Kaiut Yoga Instructor KYM500.

John-Michael (J-M) started teaching Kaiut Yoga in Telluride, CO in June 2018. Before teaching, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Washington state and the Denver area for 10 years. In Washington, he trained and competed in 5 Ironman distance triathlons, loving the personal exploration of the body's limitless potential. During his 5+ years in Colorado, he started exploring yoga and completed a 200 Yoga Teacher Training to gain a better understanding of the practice. In the spring of 2018 he discovered Kaiut Yoga and attended his first teacher training in Telluride. The sustainable, accessible practice immediately spoke to him and he left Denver (and engineering) to pursue teaching full-time in Telluride. From May 2018 through June 2019, J-M continued his exploration of the Kaiut Yoga Method, taking 400 hours of Teacher Training and several workshops within the state of Colorado. J-M moved to Durango in August of 2019 to expand on his newly found passion for teaching the Kaiut Yoga Method. J-M has been teaching at the Kaiut Yoga Durango studio since his arrival and is excited to help Phyllis share this incredible style of yoga with the active community of Durango. When he isn't in the studio, you can find him riding the local trails, skiing the slopes, or enjoying one of the local coffee shops.

Kaiut Yoga Durango with Evonne Bentley

Certified Kaiut Yoga Instructor

I completed my Kaiut Yoga teacher training in November 2022.

As a lover of the body, health, and system of knowledge, I am thrilled to start teaching this simple yet effective Yoga that heals chronic pain and deregulated nervous systems. I’m with Francisco when he says we are all victims of our unhealthy modern lifestyle, and Kaiut Yoga is a way to regain well-being and healthy longevity.

I have been a Nia teacher since my early 20’s. Nia is a movement technique blended from martial arts, dance, and healing arts. My 25-year Nia journey has afforded me numerous teaching and business opportunities, giving me a lifetime of experience in the health and wellness world.

A year after opening my dance Studio in 2020, I discovered Kaiut Yoga. The Kaiut Yoga training came at a pivotal point in my life when accumulating stress became chronic and was affecting my body and life.

When I took my first Kaiut Yoga class, I felt an extraordinary shift in my body and nervous system. This Yoga was simple, restorative, and effective! It addressed the needs of the parasympathetic nervous system as the basis for all healing and transformation to begin. The methodology resonated with me and became something I desperately needed; to slow down, feel more, and expose restrictions to heal them. It was healing the body through its design, and I wanted to know more. I signed up for the teacher training immediately.

Doing the 100’s practice consistently through the training was deeply transformational for my body and life, with many interesting aches and pains. Through consistent practice, my structure has begun to align and strengthen. Witnessing the powerful effect these simple poses have on my daily life is incredible.

As a teacher, I bring passion, curiosity, and reverence for every body and their health.

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