The Kaiut Method is a biomechanical yoga practice that serves the modern body and modern mind.

For those who prefer the safety of private classes the fee is 28.00 per person and are available by appointment only. Semi private classes (such as a family or a couple) can include up to four people. We will provide a discounted rate per person for semi private classes.

You may call 970-739-8803 or write to to schedule a private class. These classes will be hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half long.

Kaiut Yoga will strictly adhere to all safety precautions to keep our students safe and our school clean. We are abiding by the personal recreation guidelines and therefore can have up to ten students spaced safely six feet or more apart. We ask that you bring your own masks and we will provide covers for bolsters and have plenty of sanitizer on hand. Masks must be worn entering the school or when leaving your mat at the end of practice. Feel free to bring your own mat although we will sanitize ours after each practice.

Why Kaiut Yoga?

We should all have a longevity plan. What’s yours? How long do you want to cycle, hike, ski, run or just be mobile and functional? How do you want to be in your body at 80, 90 or perhaps even 100? Kaiut Yoga is Yoga for Every Body!

Learn More About
Kaiut Yoga

Learn more about Kaiut Yoga and how it can help you to live better by revealing each individual potential, trough the use of a studied and proven yoga method, reinterpreted into a western reality.